Network Marketing Success:How the Internet changes the Equation in MLM

Network Marketing Success is about establishing relationships. Before you can establish those relationships you need to have a generous and steady flow of prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. What’s nice is that the internet has become a great tool to attract leads and find those relationships.

Network Marketing used to require an outgoing personality, the kind of person that sees anyone within 3 feet as a potential prospect! Network Marketers would approach people in shopping mall lines and talk to their airplane seat partners.

Unfortunately many people have a problem with approaching their “warm circle” of friends and families, let alone cold strangers within 3 foot of them. Many stay at home moms simply can’t network as much as other networkers and shy people who don’t like ‘selling” shy away from prospecting using cold calling and other “old school methods”.

The internet changes the equation. Each website has the potential to be heard over and over again- around the world, and shy people, stay at home moms and network marketers burned out with old school prospecting, can network online.

For most, however this has not happened.

Here’s why:

Most people have been trained in getting the right mind set and belief systems in place. MLM companies and uplines have never given people the skills to effectively market online. Companies have given reps cookie cutter websites. Every associate has an identical website (except for contact details). This is because they need to control their sales force to legally protect their companies from overzealous reps who make wild claims about products and income possibilities.

Search Engines ignore these websites because their business is in providing unique, relevant content. No search engine can stay in business with 30 000 identical sites for one MLM company!

More and more network marketers are changing their approach to get their sites listed on the search engines.

Savvy ones have realized they need to build websites with themes relating to their industries but not directly promoting their MLM companies or products. Their marketing attracts prospects in the right target market, and their sales are done offline. This gives them an abundance of leads and keeps the MLM companies’ legal departments happy.

However, the gross lack of training on basics like where and how to advertise these sites, where and what type of content to post, how to optimize search engines, how to effectively target the right kind of prospects and how to make money with your website or blog has left a gap in many aspiring online network marketers education.

People are trying but most are overwhelmed and confused about how to go about it.

After much research I have targeted a couple of skills you need to truly get the internet working for you.

The main thing we all want is to generate good quality leads. The principles of internet attraction marketing encourage network marketers to set themselves up online in such a way so that prospects are attracted to you- they approach or email or call you. Not the other way around.

Doing this has taken me from being a traditional network marketer, prospecting anybody in my sight, to a “remote control seller”, where my marketing machine brings leads into my inbox! I now have online sales, all happening in the background while I go about my daily business! This is only the beginning. Only four short months ago, I didn’t even know what an Ezine was!

This is what I did to make the transition: I encourage you to take these three easy steps.

Step 1: Learn why attraction marketing is the way to set your business up on the internet.

Step 2: Look at your options in internet marketing. Choose one or two methods that suit you and get to know them well.

Step 3: Find an easy to follow internet attraction marketing course that starts you off from scratch, has video tutorials so that you can literally follow along as you set up your marketing. Make sure the course is low cost (under $100 per month) and that has affiliate commissions built into it (so if you refer anyone to that course, you get a kick back!)

Make sure the course covers Email marketing as well as Copywriting skills.

You will need to learn how to communicate with words to compel people to follow your recommendations.

Make sure you learn about Social Marketing. This is your “short cut” to attraction marketing. Social marketing, if done right, can generate a huge amount of traffic and prospects to your business site.

Learn how to put content up at the major social sites like Squidoo, Hub Pages, EzineArticles, learn how to do bookmarking, Facebook, and video.

Of course, your course should show you how to set up a blog or website that speaks with your own unique voice, to target a niche market.

Most importantly you will need to learn how to get all your content gets synergised into a web…how to link it all up with strategies that get you ranked high up on the Search Engines!