Internet marketing involves multi-level marketing, allowing people to start pages and groups to perform network marketing and recruit other people to their groups and sites. Then, these people place ads on their site so that they can get paid per clicks as they market their site. But, the first thing that one must do is open a Clickbank or PayPal account.

Then, create a main page that welcomes others to your site as well as making it creative, informative and entertaining but professional. Now, you are ready join Internet groups, as well as creating your own groups and inviting other people to join them. When creating groups, make sure to be selective and invite certain “like” people to join your group. Develop a niche for what you are marketing on your page and find similar people who have similar interests. Send emails to these select people and referrals.

Research your niche before creating the content, developing the sales letter and creating the graphics. Create your own membership site and market it on a daily basis. Copy your mentors. Talk to them about their success stories, ask for tips, and emulate them.

Creating marketing strategies involves the following:

1. Monopolize your market by marketing and separating yourself from your competition.
2. Promoting your online product/service and creating traffic to your site involves creating an effective marketing plan.
3. Make the most of and take advantage of Google AdSense, creating groups, and network marketing your product/service from the same website.
4. Make sales by targeting new visitors to your site on a daily basis in order to maximize returns in the long run.
5. Generate many targeted traffic to your website in the short run.
6. Use Affiliate Showcase to professionally promote all of your pages and groups from a simple website.
7. JV Alert allows you to do network marketing with other members, giving you the opportunity to work with and learn from your mentors.
8. Promote your groups and pages to create future opportunities and large amounts of repeated sales. In order to manage your site successfully, develop a network of people who join your groups and manage them according to your mission and vision that is outlined on your page.
9. When you create your Internet business, start from the bottom and work your way up by performing multi-level marketing of your business. Then, create a database, create segment lists to maximize profit, and construct your Internet business. Create traffic with an effective database, using “back door” methods, Viral marketing, and gently and humbly following your plans to generate income.
10. Join a coaching session to create and improve you network marketing structure and empire.
11. Copywriting headlines to generate income in large masses by writing sales letters that are informative, entertaining, creative and professional.
12. Design your own software.
13. Create a new product/service, starting from the bottom and work your way up by marketing it.
14. Create joint venture strategies by seeking other people and working with them to negotiate a transaction or contract. Whether emailing your contacts on the Internet or calling them on the telephone, you must form intimate relationships with your joint venture contacts in order to be successful.
15. Work on being a good Server Host of your site, on a daily basis.
16. Estate planning involves being organized and targeting your niche market. Prepare for the worst before proceeding further. Start by creating a small niche and use your joint ventures to assist you in increasing your range of possibilities. Then, create your niche marketing strategies to help you reach your objectives.
17. Direct mail involves creating good, positive and professional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and relationship marketing.
18. Numerology can sometimes help you decide when you can’t make up your mind. Get a free reading about your personal and business life to help steer you toward your goals. It is a metaphysical science that involves the cosmic forces controlling your surroundings and your life.
19. Create branding strategies for your Internet business, based on a budget, emphasizing sales tactics to further your business. Start by concentrating on branding during the beginning, and then work on sales tactics during the rest of the time in order to continually market your business on a daily basis.