You will come across a host of articles and information, tutorials and reading materials on the net about MLM internet network marketing opportunities. Unfortunately most of them do not fulfill their initial promises and you end up disillusioned. You get confused and are at a loss about what the is best path to generating network marketing leads. The fact remains that what most MLM companies profess about prospecting, recruiting and marketing by way of sponsoring people is useless.

Most old school practices will not only be useless for prospects looking for a new MLM model to work with but can actually damage your chances of making in it your chosen company. If you have any doubt about this then a peek at the statistics will erase all your doubts. Nearly 97% of the followers of the old school theorem have never made any money in network marketing. The old school strategies including group meetings, working your friends and family, the three foot rule generally don’t work to produce network marketing leads. For success, it is necessary to know what network marketing is and to understand how it really works.

Leading proponents of attraction marketing training like Ann Sieg and Mike Klinger have learned the hard way and are now propagating the training of new ideologies to others. Many others also feel that the old strategies and practices lack certain basic ingredients that make chances of success in internet network marketing much less likely in comparison.

The old school methodology asks you to make the name lists and contact them one by one faithfully. You will have to show your prospects the plan, have group meetings and chase friends and family all over creation. You will need to make three way calls and do cold calling and home meetings. Passing out business cards and prospecting everyone with some form of pulse is the norm. You would be required to make frantic phone calls. Above all you need to again follow the much professed three foot rule. All of these areas are considered to be an essential part of your business marketing plan. It doesn’t work. Why? Because we violate the number one marketing rule; know your market and market to them. These methods above are not inviting an interested prospect to an interview and qualification chat. You are just cramming your opportunity down there throat with only your intention in mind. Attraction Marketing is about talking with highly qualified interested people that want help from you to reach their goals

A big challenge in the old way is burn out. You will naturally feel let down when all these frantic activities fail to give you the income leverage desired. Unfortunately that has been the experience of nearly all the people who tried faithfully following the traditional MLM or network marketing methodologies. You could achieve some minor success with those tactics but a 200 dollar check is not what most people are looking for and it is not likely you will find major success at any point in time.

Chasing people leaves you disgusted, fed up, frustrated, and very likely tired of the whole industry. Is any wonder why so many people have a tough time with the direct sales or multi level marketing opportunity? Experts in attraction marketing understood this paradox quite well and started searching for a way to generate quality networking marketing leads that take the chase out of the equation. It was also one of the reasons for the birth of Ann Siegs now famous “The Renegade Network Marketer”.

The new system is in sharp contrast to the new one. It emphasizes the building of network marketing business using the sources that come from outside the network marketing industry and focuses on highly targeted leads that search you out. Old school methods have no clue about how that type of marketing should be accomplished. It was not even possible really until the power of web 2.0 hit the streets. Attraction marketing teaches you principles and strategies never tried by those that follow the traditional way, yet it is not very complex or difficult. The new strategies and methods are very much for the average person who wishes to build a residual income from home and are in search of the perfect networking marketing leads.