Knowing what affiliate marketing is and marketing at high profits are two different things.
It is pretty easy to understand an overall concept of what affiliate marketing is simply by reading a few articles and blogs written by money making affiliate marketers. If all you needed to know to start making a lot of cash was a short overview, no one would bother to write an affiliate marketing ebook. The fact that there are probably a couple hundred different ebooks on how to be a top earning affiliate should tell you there is more to this business than meets the eye right away.

Valuable affiliate marketing ebooks will never promise you to get rich quick.
Unfortunately, hype exists every where you go both online and out there in the physical world. Not everyone who is involved in a profession or industry is good at what they do. From health care to landscaping and on into Internet advertising, there are quacks to be found in each and everywhere in between. So when looking for the right affiliate marketing ebook, steer clear of digital products offering:

o Instant gratification
o Ridiculous sums of money simply by plugging in their miracle marketing system
o Supposed gurus who never spend more than 4 hours a week working their business
o Making money without any effort whatsoever

As you visit affiliate marketing forums, be prepared for the complaining of the unsuccessful.
While you can learn a great deal from active marketers in forums haunted by those in the industry, take everything you read with several grains of salt. Those who complain the loudest tend to be the people who have no idea what they are doing. Unfortunately, many people think that because someone in a forum says a method is bad this makes it the gospel truth. Instead of listening to the misguided, you would be far wiser to invest in affiliate marketing ebooks and learn from those who do know how to make money and make a lot of it.

You will find several choices of affiliate marketing ebooks for every segment of the industry.
Yes, there is more than one method of earning money as an affiliate marketer. Some very successful affiliate marketers do not even have a website. A website does not an affiliate marketer make. There are those who earn affiliate incomes with things like Hub Pages and Squidoo lens or simply with article marketing. Others prefer PPC campaigns and find this is the fastest way to make a lot of money on the Internet.

Until you read a selection of affiliate marketing ebooks, you won’t know what method is for you.
If you want to learn how to ride a horse, you must decide if Western or English style is best suited to your desires. When it comes to becoming an affiliate marketer you have a lot more methods to consider and many times a marketer greatly increases their profit by using more than one method at once per campaign. What works for you is something best decided after learning each marketing approach and doing some hands on discovery using proven to profit methods.