Internet Marketing is that specialized area of marketing that is conducted completely in CyberSpace, and the people and businesses that do this type of marketing may or may not have a brick-and-mortar presence. Many very successful Internet Marketing companies are run out of peoples’ homes, sometimes by only one person, although the more successful companies usually have a small staff of up to ten people. Many very successful marketing companies have started online and stayed online, because it’s what they know and what they do best. Yet many other Internet Marketers have decided to expand their marketing efforts, realizing that Internet Marketing is just one type of Direct Response Marketing and the internet is simply a medium, like radio, television, or print advertising. By far, most Internet Marketing is Information Marketing that is conducted online, and most Information Marketing is Direct Response Marketing.

Wikipedia defines Direct Response Marketing as “a form of marketing designed to solicit a direct response which is specific and quantifiable. The delivery of the response is direct between the viewer and the advertiser, that is, the customer responds to the marketer directly. This is in contrast to Direct Marketing in which the marketer contacts the potential customer directly (e.g., telemarketing). Direct Response Advertising is characterized by four primary elements:

1. An Offer

2. Sufficient information for the consumer to make a decision whether to act

3. An explicit “call to action”

4. Means of response (typically multiple options such as a toll-free number, web page, and email).”

“Internet Marketing” evolved primarily from the offline world of Direct-mail advertising, one form of Direct Response Marketing. The world of Internet Marketing changes frequently as it responds to consumers’ desires and whims more rapidly than is possible through any other media. That is a major advantage of Internet Marketing and Advertising as compared to any other media. In the past two years, since I have been actively following Internet Marketing, I have seen quite a few changes in approach and trends. One major trend that I have seen with increasing frequency and being recommended by an increasing number of Online Marketers is the tendency for Marketers who have made their fortunes (usually multi-millions of dollars) entirely on the internet, to be recommending that all online marketers start taking their marketing efforts offline, returning to the direct mail efforts and the telephone marketing (telemarketing) of traditional offline marketers. This is now a major Internet Marketing trend, and it is because it allows these marketers to grow their businesses faster and reach people that they could not otherwise reach. It is also being done because the internet itself has become so “noisy”. There are so many Internet Marketers trying to reach a lot of the same potential customers, that their email messages are being ignored more and deleted more. They are having a harder time breaking through the “noise” and so they are turning to the offline world to build customer loyalty. This is a trend that I anticipate will only continue to grow over time.