Boy, can you imagine the look of disappointment on my face?

MySpace receives more monthly hits than Google! A total of 30 billion page views every month. If you’re a Google expert I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah right, that’s just 30 billion views of pimple-faced girls making kissy faces into mobile phone cams”.

That’s the excuse I’d been telling myself after I’d spent months of my life mastering AdWords and SEO. But it’s a terrible excuse.

More than half of MySpace visitors are over 35. They have lots of money and they are happy to spend it online. All mine and your efforts on Google would never touch them. MySpace users aren’t like anyone else online. They really use very little of the rest of the web.

I’d been advertising to Google because I thought everyone used it. As it turns out, there are MySpace internet “creatures” that don’t even say good morning to Google when they first turn on their browser at work.

I put away my lame excuses. “I need a piece of this spending web”, I thought. “If only I knew how to use MySpace like a teenage girl”.

Using MySpace Like a Teenage Girl

When I was growing up, using a computer was nerdy. But as I came into my mid-20’s, even the “cool kids” were meeting someone for the first time and saying, “Hey, do you have MySpace or MSN?”. The pick-up artists aren’t trying to get a girl’s “digits” any more. Now it’s all about the screen name on AIM or MySpace. But none are so skilled at making a lot of friends online as teens are.

You might think the MySpace boom has come and gone. Guess again. Over the next 6-12 months, the Internet will continue to change really quickly. That’s because of a fast adapting younger generation.

Some of these kids boast as many as 2,000 contacts! And if you hope to ever market as fast as a teenage girl creates a friend network in MySpace – you’d better learn these skills.


Put your spy goggles away. Don’t go CIA on your daughter’s MySpace conversations. This trend’s been going on long enough that adults in their 20s have either caught on, or like my 18-year-old brother, grown along with the trend.

My Friends Are MySpace Junkies

My friends are MySpace junkies. They come to visit my computer, not me.

As soon as they arrive, they mumble, “I’m just going to check my MySpace”. These guys literally live online and need to be connected at all times. Even after I pry their claw-fingers off my keyboard an hour later, they’ll spend the rest of their visit sending text messages. They’ll interrupt any conversation with me to take incoming mobile calls from their MySpace buddies. Mind you, I’m more mad because they seem to find those MySpace folks cooler than me.

When my visitor finally gets The Call, he announces that he’s off to meet “this hot chick”. But before he leaves, I have to sit through 23 kissy-face poses.

There are devious secrets.

One secret, I learned from my friend’s youngest sister. It was so evil, I couldn’t help but steal it. Master these tricks and you’ll have all the leads you want, targeted, and absolutely free.

“I Don’t Want to Pick Up From MySpace!”

Teenage girls want to build a “hot guy” network. Their profile is the tool they use to market themselves to their target market.

Obviously you’re not interested in building a “hot guy” network on MySpace. But what do we want to market? Your business? Your product?

Before we press ahead, understand that people on MySpace are there to
socialise and have a good time. No, you cannot enter their social world as a marketer. You WILL offend them and they’ll choose not to talk to you.

Are you kidding me? Trying to sell to a person who’s mad at you? Not a chance. I know you want to market your business and products, but first we have to attract the right target audience. Instead of a “hot guy” network, we want to build a network of entrepreneurs. Let’s blend in and be social. Let’s use our profile to market ourselves to Network Marketers.

Naughty Trick 1: The Profile Photo

A MySpace profile without a photo? Don’t bother.

You’ll be THE most unpopular MySpace kid. It’s the absolute first thing anyone sees when you add them. I’m talking about the default profile photo. An experienced MySpace guy uses his best photo. You know, the latest one of him shirtless leaning against his Japanese sport car, with flexed abs?

That photo is the most important item on your profile. If they don’t like that picture, or worse, if you don’t have one at all, there’s a good chance your request won’t even be opened.

But don’t take shirtless photos. This is a professional MySpace page where you’ll network with your subscribers, clients, and employees. Use a professionally taken, smiling, high resolution photo of your face. Wear power colours and look straight into the camera. This automatically makes you “good looking”, even if you’re not, because people are attracted to others who smile and appear to have authority.

Naughty Trick 2: Make an Attractive MySpace Profile

When you request a connection with a new contact, don’t take it for granted they’ll just look at your profile picture preview and then accept your invitation. They’ll click through to your profile to see if they LIKE you first.

That’s why teenage girls create attractive profiles that grab attention fast: Animations and video attract eyeballs, background audio forces you to start listening, and slide-shows showcase all their photos. MySpace pages are rarely ever well made. But people don’t care, as long as there are a lot of interesting photos. And that’s how they “sell” themselves to one another.

They know to attract the opposite sex they need photos in certain poses and outfits. This is how they show their value to potential visitors of their profile.