Email marketing, electronic marketing or e-marketing all are same, i.e. sending emails to your opt-in mailing list subscribers lists directly all at one click. Let us discuss what is email marketing how e-mail marketing is done, and why it is done and why it is becoming popular these days among all business groups? I will speak about the benefits of email marketing and you will come to know the complete story.

For any business, success and profitability start with driving interest of users in your products and services. Acquiring a new customer is more expensive than to sell services and products to existing one. User engagement model is most important of all business strategies. You need to keep your customers engaged between sales. And statistics show that it takes six to seven contacts before you can turn a prospect into a customer. But all that contact can be expensive and time consuming, and that’s where e-mail. Especially if you are at low budget, give away your worries promote your business online with a email advertising direct marketing application.

When I talk about email marketing or email advertising I mean targeted opt-in e-mail service. This service lets you send and advertise all about your business by sending exclusive emails messages to thousands of opt-in people who want to know about your website’s product or services.

Email marketing strategies are also very important and you need to have a different email marketing strategy for existing customers and different strategy to acquire a new customer. To retain an existing customer e-marketers send promotional offers, corporate e-newsletters and reminder service. To acquire a new client you maintain a database of opt-in mailing lists. The email can prove to be most effective tool if used properly. Your email signature may help to promote your business website.

It is quickest, safest and above all cost effective to distribute and spread your advertising message to millions of users (consumers and business opportunities seekers). The subscribers have option to subscribe to targeted advertising categories, and they receive emails just for those categories. There is also quick and easy option available to unsubscribe whenever users need. This is direct marketing tools to target your audience with an impressive message that will lead to results. Design aspect of email marketing has been of utmost interest for me, this eliminates the expense of graphic design, printing. Email distribution may be in plain text or HTML formats.

Spam kills email as direct marketing vehicle – Yes or No?

Remember few points before starting email marketing. Send emails to only those prospects clients who have opted-in to receive it. Send email only to those prospects and clients who have “opted-in” to receive it. Under no circumstances should you “SPAM” potential clients. Do not forget to offer the opt-out option for recipients willing to unsubscribe. Once a new customer signs-in send confirmation email. Respond to customer email inquires promptly, without delaying for more than 24 hours. Remember to include website link in your email so that prospect customers click through the link. Make your email marketing content and template promotional, you may offer download or special discount offer, you may also offer learn or know more option with a link to your website. Don’t develop an email that is flagged as SPAM and instantly deleted. Take measures to measure the success of your campaign.