Online marketers are in a unique position to level the marketing and business playing field when they compete against huge corporations of today. You can do this by using a hitherto hidden business strategy called niche marketing. Niche marketing represents one of the last frontiers of business competitiveness and is ideally suited for the small entrepreneur.

If you are a serious marketer, you will also realize that a domain name and a website are necessary tools of the trade if you ever hope to compete seriously with the big guys. After all, part of marketing is branding, in which you build a name for your business and a good reputation for your product. Recently I have started using the term “earn cash from home guy” as a way to brand myself online. It’s on my websites, blogs, and other online real estate.

You may get by without renting a domain name and web hosting but you will be restricting yourself even if you are earning money without them. To really succeed online long term, and earn money from your efforts, you should get a domain name and web hosting services. If you do not get these vital tools, a lot of your marketing efforts will be wasted and you will lose the opportunities to build your reputation and your mailing list.

One of the most important things you will gain from a website with your own domain name as the address, is the opportunity to enhance your credibility. No sensible marketer wants to miss the chance to get these things.

Once you have made the decision to do online marketing, you will inevitably come across the term “niche marketing”. What exactly is niche marketing and how do you benefit from it? If you are not a marketing employee of a fortune 500 corporation, keep reading because this could really help you to keep up with those guys, but this time you will be earning all that cash for you.

Niche marketing is the act of marketing goods and or services to a very tightly focused group which is part of a larger market or subset of a larger market. In fact, a niche market is really a narrowly defined group of potential customers. So how can you find and market to a niche? Read on, and we will explore this together.

1. Do your own research. You can find a niche market by doing research on the keywords or the “search terms” that people use on the Internet every day to find what they want. A good place to start is buy using Google’s AdWords search tool.

You will find the tool here. This useful tool will help you find terms that people are looking for, including a whole bunch of search terms you did not even know exist. Experiment with it a bit by looking up terms you may be interested in, like “exotic vacations” or whatever you fancy.

Another tool that is quite useful is goodkeywords. Go to the website and download the software. Use it to find search terms and you will also see how many people are searching for those terms or keywords each month. Remember, that by its very nature, a niche is going to be much smaller than a broad market. So you will find a lot more searches and websites for “car decals” than if you were looking for “decals for 1997 dodge caravan”.

2. Use all-in-one software that will do the research for you. Over the last few years quite a few Internet marketers have recognized the need to create software that will help people to quickly research and find lucrative niche markets. Some of these software are very innovative and will help you accomplish a lot in very little time.

To find one of these software tools, you will have to use the appropriate search terms as well. Use terms such as niche marketing software, niche marketing research, and niche marketing tools. Your new software, if you choose to use one of them, will set you back some money but will save you tons of time. Explore niche marketing and boost your ability to earn money online.