Cost to build a WordPress website

The proposition of WordPress development is a lucrative one these days as you will get enough revenue generating opportunities out of the web portal that you are planning to frame out. The following discussion throws light upon the cost factors related to the WordPress portal development aspects.


Pricing factors

The pricing ranges could span up to a significant proportion. However, things will not blow out of proportions. The cheapest price ranges might start from 500$ for a small project. However, you should not take it as a conclusive price tag. There could be small projects of WordPress development within the price range of $5,000 per month. However, the big budget WordPress development programs might hover around $30,000 per month.


The cost of WordPress website development might be divided between the development expenses of the enterprise level portals and that of the mid-sized commercial platforms. When you are up to making a WordPress platform, you might have to make a onetime payment. The standard cost of a high-quality web portal would be around $115,000. However, it is going to be a big ticket project for sure. Each and every WordPress web development project does not cost this huge.


Hire on hourly basis 

As you tend to hire a website design company or a WordPress development team for the job, you might want to pay an hourly basis. It is a convenient mode of payment. What’s more, you will be able to keep a close eye on the process that is going on.


The price of the project will depend on the support of customization for the project. Along side the development process, it is the apt hosting package that will also tell upon the overall price range that has been manipulated for the entire project.

Irrespective of the cost factors, WordPress web pages and portals will meet technical demands in a precise fashion. You can aim for more scalability as well as power through this initiative.

Cost effective marketing platform 

You can avail the best of effects through the website development practice that you put in while making the portal. If there is no flaw in the planning part, execution will not be an issue. To know more on the cost aspects, get in touch with us.