Are you sitting online thinking of ways to marketing your business totally overwhelmed with so many options, tools, and resources? It seems so many people now a days are successful at Network Marketing, Social Marketing, and Internet Marketing in general. There are so many people around us that are successful with home based businesses and becoming work at home moms and dads. I want to be part of this movement and change! Don’t you? OK, let’s do it. I am going to start my own business, make a lot of money, and live happily ever after.

Woo woo woo. Well as a person that has been there and said that, this is a small part of the whole equation. The reality is- there are a lot of legitimate work at home opportunities out there, but it really is an art to learn how to market your business properly in order to be successful. The biggest part of this picture is finding the right fit for you and then be willing to learn and grow with it. Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing has helped many people become very successful, but they did it the right way- they didn’t scam people or tell lies or beat down peoples doors that weren’t interested. The secret to their success that we can all learn from is the Combination Marketing Cocktail.

Combination Marketing is an approach where you create a marketing cocktail if I may say so. I have been in the marketing industry for over 10+ years and as I became new to the world of Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing companies I realized the positive and amazing opportunities out there but also learned I wasn’t going to get rich quick. I started reading and following leaders who have already figured out there own personal cocktail to make their business successful.

My Combination Marketing Cocktail recipe is this:

1 Part Product
1 Part Place
1 Part Price
1 Part Promotion
1/4 Social Marketing
1/4 Affiliate Marketing
1/4 Attraction Marketing
a little pinch of this
a lot of spice with that

You start with finding a company that fits your typical marketing mix. Make sure it is a company that offers a product that you can relate with and back 110%. The next question to ask yourself is around the placement- Can I sell and support this product within my specific demographic and targeted market? If you can answer these two questions you are headed in the right direction. Next remember to always do a gut check on the price: Is this something I would pay for this product? The Last and final question is Promotion. Promotion of a product is key in the Networking and MLM arena. That brings me to my next couple of ingredients.

Promoting your product, yourself, your brand, and your business can be done in many ways. You might be familiar with the old fashioned knocking on doors and calling friends version. The new and exciting version is a whole other post, but that has to do with Social Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Attraction Marketing, and a little pinch of this and a lot of spice with that. This combination of marketing opens up a whole new world called the Internet. This is the best way to expose and promote your business to a target audience that is endless.

So if you want to learn the right way to market your business remember to always use the Combination Marketing Cocktail, and stay tuned for the individual ingredients to really spice up your business.

Hello Everyone! I am a 27 year old Marketing Professional, Internet Coach, and Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the Marketing arena of life. I run my home business as well as work for a non profit agency for disabled individuals as their Marketing & Promotions Coordinator. I started my own business and began sharing my knowledge in coaching others online when I left corporate America as a professional in the pharmaceutical industry. I can’t tell you how this has helped me to enjoy life, spend more time with my family, and create a list of dreams I’d like to make a reality. I have been married to my husband and business partner Jeremy for 3 wonderful years and have two beautiful boys who are 4 and almost 2. Transitioning from corporate America to the non profit world made me very happy and satisfied my personal agenda to give meaning to what I was waking up for every morning. It was difficult though, so I started off doing almost everything to help find another fit to partner and support my career changes. Internet Marketing was the answer and I finally found a company I am proud to promote, be apart of and share with others. It is changing our lives in many ways than I can’t possibly describe them all, but my number one goal it has allowed me to meet is more time with my family! If you would like me to help you meet your goals, please send me a message.