There are three (3) golden must have essentials you must have in order for one to start/success with an income from home business. They are: Your Market, Marketing System and a Coach/Mentor. The best of these three (3) is to come from only one source.


The first and foremost (task) is to identify a market to serve. Your market is priority one before anything else. Once the market is identified, then you look for that product or create one respectively. Your market dictates what product/service requires for your business. There is no need to have or promote a great product that there is no need for, you are digging your own grave if you insist. There is a lot of waste in creating fancy expensive product after all there is no market for. Hence, marketing research is vital to decide there is a need and hungry people looking for that product or service.

Talking about hungry people, they are starving for your particular products. Hence our goal is to meet those needs. It is our job to provide them with information solving problems.

Choosing your market is a delicate process. Why? Because it is going to be your home base business. Therefore, it has to be something you enjoy doing, your passion or have interest in and not for the sole sake of making money but you’ll love doing it. This is something you are going to spend your time, money and effort making it your lifeline income from home.

Go down and do a Google search. Overture is another one, just to mention a few. Here you will find out how many people are searching for a product or service using your key word. Care must be taken as there are products with millions of people marketing the same. Competition is good if you know what to do. However, your keyword dictates the niche you want. At the same time you decide if there is a need, a problem to solve.

Marketing System

Once you establish there is a need or a market to serve then your next step is show the world what you got. That is, you are going back to that starving crowd you found before and feed them. In order for you to do that, you need a Marketing System. Marketing System is where you spend most of your time building your online business. This is where you are attracting one to your door-step, your business. I insist some eighty percentages (80%) of your time on marketing and only twenty percentages (20%) on creating or choosing your product to market and promote. Marketing here I mean how to advertise the product or service for the desired market already identified. This is one of the reasons why so many people fail or give up on internet is they short-fall in their advertising campaigns for so many reasons!

Marketing is an on-going process of your business. Every single part needs testing and tracking to achieve better level could possibly render in your advertising like your email, sale letters and content just to mention a few. You desperately need prospect(s) to come to your site and hopefully later on through your funnel system to buy from you. Target Market is the name of the game plan.

The new paradigm of network marketing by Ann Sieg, Renegade for Network Marketers gives rise to Attraction Marketing. Attraction Marketing is the technique(s) where you attracts prospects to you by positioning yourself as an expert. This new system is very cool. It eradicate the customary way of 3 foot rule, tracking your friends and families, cold calls and many lies where Ann Sieg laid all down in her free eBook, 7 Greatest Lies of Network Marketing. This eBook will definitely open up a new perspective for your marketing technique.

Why Ann Sieg Renegade for Network Marketers so paramount to day on internet? Her ideas and techniques in the book storm the industry by surprise but, Renegade University takes a further step and makes it fun and drives one safely on this new journey to generate income from home. That is, the University adopts the Renegade for Network Marketers as its text.

Renegade University teaches the Attraction Marketing in a thorough clear presentation one can easily absorb and follow. They walk you through in all techniques and communications one can think off on the World Wide Web and even more. The main emphasis is to attract the target market to you rather than you try your way through to them. Further, University goes beyond the Renegade Network text to teach where the people are and moving towards. That is, people are searching on Social Marketing (Squidoo, EzineArticles, blogs, MySpace, FaceBook, digg, YouTube plus many others) for their information and a relationship prior to a business attachment.


Mike Klinglier of Renegade University is one of the best of all coaches found on internet. Why Mike is extremely exceptional is because he teaches you live through videos from his own internet businesses on web. No one that I know off does this type of heavenly training. This is incredible but that is how he is honest and affection for all his students. He walks his talks and attracting at the same time. His main concern is to have everyone onboard irrespective your level of skill. That is, he wants to help you fulfill your dream. His main problem is that he will not allow you to left behind nor to walk alone. There is always a room in his heart for you to success!

In coming to my conclusion, there is no decent way to start an income from home business nor internet marketing but to have these three (3) essentials and are basics fundamentals. You must have a market to serve, a marketing system to attract prospect and a mentor to lead you through the journey.

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Mike is not now a millionaire (my wild guess) but his passion and pleasure is to help one more than making him more money. So do not take me lightly here. With the power of internet, his reputation spreads at no time and he will be joining the guru’s type in a flip of an eye and there is no better time to jump onboard with him but now. Later, Mike will be too busy counting his money.