Attraction Marketing is a simple philosophy that is very effective for home based entrepreneurs.

Essentially the concept is simple. You, Inc.

Brand and promote YOU, Inc first… and NOT your business opportunity or network marketing company or program.

By personally branding yourself using web sites, blogs, videos and social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and email marketing – a home based entrepreneur can attract like minded people who resonate or relate with their story, their background, their hometown, their college or high school… anything really and it helps them build their list of contacts, share their business opportunity and the value they can bring to the new member.

By contrast, the old method of network marketing or small business marketing was to advertise to strangers, direct them to a corporate managed replicated web site and hope that a sale would be generated.

Today we know that is a main reason why the vast majority of home based business owners fail to profit and leave the industry or begin to hop from program to program and system to system looking for a program alone to ‘work’ and it never does.

The tools of attraction marketing are simple and consist of:

1. You and the value you bring and share with others. By constantly learning and having a valuable set of skills to share or powerful information in the area of personal growth, business, internet marketing etc… and having access to tools, systems, teams and leadership that can help others, you are seen as being attractive to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

You have value to offer and do so with no expectation of personal gain. You provide leadership by sharing this information with others and directing them to systems and training where they can also grow and duplicate success.

2. Lead Capture page. A simple one page web site that offers a compelling offer (free information, video, training, eBook etc) and exchanges the information for the prospect’s contact information (name, email, phone number).

3. Autoresponder – Email service that allows you to deliver a designed and targeted follow up campaign to your prospects to further build your relationship, deliver valuable that educates, invites and sells your product, service or system on autopilot for you.

4. Bio Page – A place on the internet where a prospect can “meet you” and get to know about you. People join people; they do not join products, services or programs. You can communicate your story and help build a relationship using Facebook, a blog, a web site and even YouTube with videos.

5. A Funded Proposal – The art and science of offering a low priced information product that is targeted to your niche market and provides value to your prospect. Usually a form of training, course or eBook sold for under $60 that provides a fast, high converting retail sale for you so you can recoup some of your marketing costs and “monetize your list building” so your business receives cash ongoing and can take on a long term focus.

6. Primary Business Opportunity or Product/Service – The back end sale. Usually a higher tier pricepoint that provides high margin commissions, recurring income, passive income or even residual income and override bonuses. This is where the big, long term money is at. They come in a variety of price points. Build one or build several to monetize more of your list building.

7. Affiliate Marketing – Additional offers of valuable products and services in your target niche which you can offer by simple email reviews and recommendations to your list for long term sales. Pricepoints vary and can include low priced info products or high priced seminars, courses or coaching programs.

Those are the pieces to the Attraction Marketing puzzle. The mechanics vary widely but are very simple. In the niche of the Home Based Business, or Network Marketing it’s truly simple…

You are taking a simple message and communicating it to the masses. The more targeted you are in your marketing, the faster your sales cycle will be, however, it’s also valuable long term to send your message to some of the masses to attract new markets to learn about what you do. It’s a longer term sales cycle, but can be a profitable addition to your attraction marketing.