Marketing can be defined as the planning and implementation of all the factors of a product to influence the consumer, resulting in maximum sales of the product at the optimum price to achieve the objective of maximum profit. In today’s world, marketing is an integral part of any business or service sector. Marketing helps in attracting the targeted customers for selling of the service. Marketing is declared as an art as well as a technology.

Marketing is a concept in which an organization sells its products by considering the wants and requirements of the consumers. In order to achieve this, a market research is done. Market research can be done by telephonic conversation, personal interview, feedback forms etc. Through these mediums, the customer’s requirements are known. The company manufactures the products based on the research done. This ensures that the targeted customers receive what they ask for. This increases the sales for that particular product and increases the profit and market value of the organization.

Marketing can be done in various ways. The most common method is by advertising. Advertising the product in media, newspapers, magazines, hoardings, public transport etc helps the customer to know the availability of their desired product. The market value of the company producing it also increases. Another method is by sales promotion where products are promoted in crowded market places to attract the potential customers. Free samples are distributed for them to use. Attractive packaging and offers boosts the desirability of the products, thus rapidly increasing its sales.

Most companies hire marketing consultants for marketing their products. Marketing consultants help in the marketing of the products. They conduct a market research and give the statistics to the company. The company manufactures the products based on the statistics. The marketing consultants give tips on sales promotion and packaging of the product. The marketing consultants then start pre-marketing to increase the curiosity of the consumers. Then once the product is launched, marketing is done in all the targeted areas to attract the potential customers. Some of the marketing consultants are listed below

Samsika Marketing Consultant Pvt. Ltd
This marketing consultant is Mumbai, India based consultant. They are one of the leading marketing consultants in India with most of the big names in corporate and media sector as their clients.

Ikon Marketing Consultants India
This marketing consultant is established in India. They provide marketing solutions to Indian as well as foreign companies. They assure successful marketing in Indian as well as International markets.