The economy is rough right now. Marketing Spinal Decompression Therapy to patients, particularly when this is a service not often covered by insurance, is getting more difficult by the day. For many practices the knee jerk reaction is to scale back on everything; including spinal decompression marketing. This can be a fatal mistake for a chiropractic practice, or for any healthcare practice offering spinal decompression.

You need to fight the urge to push that “panic button”. You need to fight the instinct to save dollars by eliminating marketing and advertising. As scary as it might sound, during these tough times you actually need to maintain, or even increase, your marketing efforts!

You might be thinking to yourself, “Why would I want to spend more money on advertising when I have less money coming in?” The answer is obvious. When money gets tight, patients often cut back on care or drop out of care entirely. This is even more true with something that is often not covered by insurance, like spinal decompression therapy. You need more new patients to pick up the slack. You’ll never get them without increasing your spinal decompression marketing efforts.

Now hold on, I said increase your spinal decompression marketing; I didn’t necessarily say you had to spend more on it! You need to market smarter rather than simply throwing more money at the same old advertising campaign. Although it may sound difficult to believe, you can actually increase your spinal decompression marketing efforts without spending more money! In fact, if you really take the time to plan your marketing strategy wisely, you might even end up spending less!

Let’s take at look at how it is possible to successfully market your spinal decompression services in a tough economy, without breaking the bank! I’ve broke this down into 10 easy to follow steps:

Analyze your Current Marketing.
Ditch the “Duds” and Keep the “Killers”!
Make Changes!
Look to the Internet my Friend!
Take Advantage of all the FREE Spinal Decompression Marketing Available.
Re-Acquaint Yourself with Internal Marketing.
Use the Power of the FREE DVD and Other Free “Stuff”
Ask Yourself, What Makes YOUR Decompression Practice so Special?
Get Ready to Spend a lot . . . of Time NOT Money!
Continually Monitor and Re-Evaluate your Efforts
Let’s take a look at each step individually.

Step 1: Analyze your Current Marketing.

In this step you need to take a critical look at ALL of your current marketing efforts. Before you can successfully plan any changes to your marketing plan you need to know where you stand. You have to know where you are at before you know where you are going!

This step can be painful at times, but it is absolutely necessary for future marketing success. Take a look at how your various types of marketing are doing. Carefully examine your marketing budget and your 12 month marketing calendar. If you don’t have any sort of marketing schedule NOW is the time to start.

Step 2: Ditch the “Duds” and Keep the “Killers”

Now that you have examined and evaluated your marketing efforts you need to act accordingly. Ditch the duds. Take whatever marketing isn’t working and get rid of it. If that old stale local newspaper ad hasn’t brought in a new spinal decompression patient in months, why would the next 3 months be any different? Stop throwing money at what isn’t working and keep those killer ads. A killer ad is simply those ads that work! It is amazing how often we overlook something so obvious. If an ad isn’t working we need to do SOMETHING with it, which brings us to step 3.

Step 3: Make Changes.

Now that we know what isn’t working, we need to do SOMETHING about it. This something will depend on your marketing budget. At times we need to kill an ad and put that extra cash toward running what is showing a return on investment. Sometimes we just need to look at the ad and reformat it. Making some fresh changes is often all that is needed.

In my opinion making changes that fail is more desirable than simply letting a “dud” ad continue running unsuccessfully. If you make changes to an ad, or run an entirely new ad, at least you have made some effort. Odds are that new ad will get noticed. Even if the new advertising isn’t effective at least you have learned something. Take notes, make changes, and keep moving!

Step 4: Look to the Internet my Friend.

The internet is really taking over as a dominant form of advertising and marketing. If you think you can survive against your competition while ignoring internet marketing you are dead wrong. The days of the local paper newspaper and hardcopy yellow page books will eventually be gone. This is probably not as far off in the future as most of us think! Although marketing decompression on the internet is a challenge, it is also vital for survival.

Internet marketing is a challenge because it is such a dynamic medium. Things are constantly changing and it is a real challenge to keep up and stand out among a sea of competitors. However, if you want to succeed it is a challenge you must continually meet.

If you don’t market your spinal decompression practice on the internet regularly, you need to start NOW. If you already market on the internet then you need to DOUBLE your efforts now. Take your presence on the internet at make it KNOWN. This is not too difficult and often requires you invest little more than time. That’s right, some of the most beneficial and effective internet marketing is absolutely free!

Step 5: Take Advantage of all the FREE Spinal Decompression Marketing Available.

There are a ton of opportunities for FREE spinal decompression marketing available that most doctors miss! In step four I praised the internet. Well here I go again. Open your eyes doctor! Have you paid attention to any newspapers, television shows, or radio broadcasts lately? I challenge you to go a single day without hearing something about MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Friendster, LinkedIn, Twitter, or one of the other hundreds of free social networking sites. These are opportunities to connect with colleagues, potential patients, and fellow businesses! These are opportunities you need to sieze!