Ann Sieg is a network marketer who, like many business men and women in the home based business industry, was discouraged and frustrated. In the industry she spent several years; several thousand dollars in training; countless hours in building her multi-level marketing business under the old school methods. All this happened with limited success.

Ann persisted, determined to be successful which she was not with all this investment of time, money and energy. She began to research and investigate until she understood that there is a new marketing strategy happening since the advent of the Internet and especially Web 2.0.

Ann Sieg discovered that she no longer had to chase people to market to. Ann no longer had to bother her family and friends, alienating them with her business or product proposition. She discovered that there is a method of marketing online to catch the attention of an audience which in turn reaches out to her for more information.

The end result is two products which she has published online to make available to other marketers for two purposes.

Part of Ann’s strategy is negative marketing. This method of marketing has been used countless different ways by both traditional business, and the old school of network marketing. The responses to her first book, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing has been both negative and positive. Many leaders are offended by the language that suggests that they have been less than helpful in establishing successful businesses for their new recruits. Really, there is no need for anyone to take Ann Sieg’s book personally if in fact, the leaders have had a hands on approach for training, encouragement and support. The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing resonates with a lot of grassroots network marketers because she echoes their frustrations and experiences in her own journal.

In The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing, Ann concludes with some solutions. A business model that is very different from the old school of marketing. Her answers are found in her second book. The first book, is 35 pages long, it is a free electronic report immediately available to the online subscriber to download and read.

The second book is, The Renegade Network Marketer. This e-book is about 145 pages long. At the time of purchase, it can be downloaded and printed or saved for future reference, In this book Ann Seig expands on the why network marketing is changing. She explains that in the markets going forward, people are turning to the Internet for their business research and product purchases. She makes a very solid case for the network marketer to incorporate internet marketing into their network marketing business plan.

The Renegade Network Marketer is not just a volume of theory and marketing, Ann also teaches what it means to be an online marketer. She talks about the importance of being a marketer who offers value and service before they expect to receive any sales. Ann Sieg teaches online marketers that the more they give to their market niche, with no strings attached, the more successful they will become.

Not only does she teach that, she manifests that in her marketing. The one time purchase of The Renegade Network Marketer for $67 includes invaluable resources.The purchase includes a series of e-books and The Renegade System. The Renegade System is back office support of further professional training and affiliate programs may be all that the online network marketer requires to be successful in creating affiliate income. It is available to the marketer at no extra cost and is a tremendous value. If you don’t know what affiliate income is, it is the one of the key benefits of Attraction Marketing.

The way in which Ann has formatted her information makes it possible for business leaders to teach it to their business teams. Duplication is always the byword in network marketing.

Ann Sieg even encourages those who can, to take her products and create their own systems for their teams. One network marketing mentor has done just that. Mike Klingler has created Renegade University. Renegade University is a generic training resource to apply all the principles taught in The Renegade Network Marketer.

There are other good affiliate programs. Ann Sieg is accomplished at speaking to the needs of the grassroots marketer who is determined to make this entrepreneurial business work. Veteran and rookie networkers alike will benefit from looking at her materials and coming to their own conclusions.