Marketing is not bad. In fact, it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. Sound surprising? By the end of this article you will see how powerful and elegant the tool of marketing can be in your life and business.

Some beginning entrepreneurs have a strong negative reaction against marketing.

Sometimes it’s because of past negative experiences, being sold something they didn’t need. Sometimes it’s a fear of the unknown. But if you want to make a difference and profit from your talents, then marketing is your number one way to reach your personal and financial goals.

This new marketing mindset may be a whole new way of thinking for you. It has nothing to do with being pushy. It has nothing to do with trying to pull the wool over your market’s eyes.

This radical new marketing approach is about love…

The Right Marketing Attitude

Imagine a good friend comes over to your house. You greet them and settle down for a nice chat. Right away they complain they have a very bad headache.

Now…you know you have aspirin in your medicine cabinet. How could you NOT offer it to them, right? You would be on your feet instantly taking action to get them some water and aspirin. It seems impossible for you not to act this way.

Your target market is like a friend with a serious problem and YOU have the solution. How could you NOT offer them the solution? If you know you hold the Golden Key that unlocks the door and sets them free from their problem, wouldn’t you rush to tell them you have the key that will relieve their pain?

Think of your business card, sales copy, ads, ezine and all other marketing tools as your way of telling a friend (your target market) that you have a solution that will greatly benefit them. From this perspective, marketing isn’t something to be ashamed of; It’s something you shout from the rooftops!

Just like you wouldn’t give a friend anything that doesn’t serve their best interest, you wouldn’t sell your target market anything they don’t need too.

It’s not about the sale. It’s about solving problems any way you can so people are better off. If your product or service is the obvious solution, it’s your duty to tell them. If it’s not, no problem – help them find the right solution.

Your mindset as a marketer isn’t “salesperson”; it’s “problem solver.”

With the attitude that your target market are like friends, you’ll always do what’s best for them – even if it’s not immediately profitable to you. But the amazing thing is…with this attitude, you’ll actually make more money long term.

The Long Term Value of a Client

The old school way of thinking is: Get a client to gain a sale. The new marketing mindset is: Make a sale to gain a client.

If you think marketing is just getting sales, then your interest is doing what it takes to close the sale and get money for that one sale. But when you think of marketing as gaining long-term clients, then your interest is doing what’s best for the client. As a result, you’ll make multiple sales over the lifetime of the client. The difference is enormous. One sale might equal $500. But the total value of a client buying over a lifetime might equal $50,000.

When you adopt the new marketing mindset to all your marketing materials, the pressure is off you to “make the sale” or “get more clients.” Because of your attitude of service over sale, you’ll attract untold clients. You’ll find success with your marketing message when you get out of your head and the pressure of “marketing.” Instead, get into the world of your market with an attitude of helping them solve their problems with authentic, heartfelt good intention like you would a good friend.