Here’s an internet marketing tip that most of you already know is there but choose not to acknowledge or use. The first and biggest mistake any internet marketer or website owner can make in the realm of the internet is to think this…Facebook is for kids, don’t waste your time! This tip was given by another internet marketer who cajoled me out of my shell…and here I am.

Facebook Wasn’t Made For An Internet Marketer…But For The Kids, Singles And Students

When Facebook first emerged, the tip to internet marketers was that it was merely just another Friendster or online dating or friendship site or at best, JUST ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE networking sites. As it turns out, Facebook creator placed the right platform for the original Facebook by implementing the viral marketing method into the engine. We all hate it but it worked for a while although many gave up and said adieu to Facebook after that. That is In my personal opinion and a personal internet marketing tip.

My favorite topic of conversation these days revolves around my active usage of Facebook as a social and networking medium for everything that I do online. Sure, there are a lot of stuff in Facebook that I steer clear of like the annoying applications and forcing applications and recommendations down our throats like cough mixture. The trick is not to fall for them and instead an internet marketer’s tip is to use it to our advantage…in creating awareness and links. Use it to generate publicity using friends, family associates and like-minded people.

People Are Skeptical About How Useful Facebook Is

If you’re over thirty or maybe as ‘young’ as I am, you’re probably thinking the way I used to think…that I shouldn’t waste a single precious moment of my time Facebooking because as an internet marketer, it’s like playing porn stuff into your professional website or perhaps poking your pen up someone else’s nose. That’s not the kind of internet marketing tip I am going to dispense today. It’s disgusting and it’s also degrading. No internet marketer in his or her right mind would use something as utterly childish as Facebook to promote himself or herself.

Why Close Your Mind To Facebook So Soon?

And yet, it continues to grow. Have you asked yourself why? Instead of closing your mind off of the prospect of using Facebook for part of your internet marketing activities & tips, why don’t you take some time to explore it? I know the new Facebook is having a lot of people confused but poke around a little and I am quite sure if a thirty-something mom like me can find my way around, you can too. It’s only when you start using it, posting stuff, sharing pictures, links, ideas, connecting and networking with others that you will see why Facebook is almost indispensable to an internet marketer today…for now!

The problem is that a lot of old geezers like me DON’T WANT to try new stuff. We’d rather stick to the ones we’re familiar with and the websites we know works. Do you not know, then, that the world of the internet is a consistently changing and evolving one? It evolves so fast that once you get used to Facebook, the internet marketer in you would be screaming out when another new one is introduced.

The World Of Internet Marketing Is Consistently Changing And Evolving…You Need To Change And Evolve With It

But this is the world of online marketing. You have to get used to something and learn the new stuff all the time. When you first join Facebook, on a personal or internet marketer level, it might not seem like much to you. Give it some time. Post a little here and there, join some groups, discuss some issues, give feedback to people and soon, you will see magic happen.

I believe even the most subdued internet marketer tip issuer or online marketing guru have his or her own Facebook account in there somewhere. It’s just that, they’re rather afraid to actively use it because it just seems so YOUNG. But trust me, poke your nose around a little and you’ll see that many familiar and famous internet marketers are hanging around somewhere in there, hoping not to be noticed and afraid to start using it just in case someone found them and started calling them a kid.

And here’s another internet marketer tip, internet marketers hate it when they do the same things kids do online. We promote online, we do not do it senselessly and without reason. Facebook, apparently, for me, is the only ‘kiddy’ thing that I am allowed to do during my ‘working hours’ as a freelance internet marketer.