Building a digital presence for your organisation involves a lot of search engine optimization (SEO). Companies and people doing business online may find it advantageous to hire an SEO copywriter. Are you going to set yourself up for SEO success or failure? Here are five factors that might give you a bad start, along with strategies for avoiding them.

1. Uncertainty about your unique selling proposition (USP).

For our Widget McWidget website, we require writing.

“OK. What makes Widget McWidget unique?

“Huh? We were hoping you could let us know that, um.

What distinguishes your company? Why should customers purchase what you’re offering? What distinct advantage do you offer to your existing and prospective customers?That is your selling point that sets you apart.

Don’t make your SEO copywriter spend their time trying to find this out. Writers of copy don’t provide value. Value is communicated through copywriters. They convey the concept of a company in a way that interests and motivates customers to take an interest. This is what SEO copywriters do, making it simpler for buyers to locate you online.

2. Provide insufficient information about the requirements.

We need a blog.

“Uh-huh. What reason?

“Uh, doesn’t everyone have a blog?”

Lack of precise instructions for the task the customer needs done is the one thing that will most likely leave them unhappy. Writers of SEO text are not mind readers. If they were, you’d employ them to do it in place of you.

At the very least, be clear about your goals before hiring an SEO copywriter. Whom is it for? When will you need it? Where is it headed? What makes you need it? How should it appear, sound, or feel?It’s better to give too much information than to give too little and have people not be happy with it.

3. Lack finances

We would love to recruit you as an SEO copywriter after seeing your ad.

“Great. How much money do you have set aside for this project?

Oh, I see. Hmm. How low will you sink?

Would you purchase a vehicle without first determining your price range? A high-definition TV would be nice. An abode? Why does selecting an SEO copywriter vary from other hiring choices?

A budget is not as inexpensive as feasible. A budget is not $3 per blog article. A budget cannot be $35 per hour. What you’re prepared to spend on SEO copywriting should be reflected in your budget. Again, this is your responsibility. You should do your investigation before you even think about contacting someone. Why attempt to employ a six-figure SEO copywriter if you only have a three-figure budget? Why would you allocate just $600 for a whole website if the industry average for SEO web text is $450 per page?

4. Forget to sign the contract.

Hey, that payment is well past due.

“We opted not to pay you since we didn’t like what you did.”

Say what? I suppose

You can see how this could quickly turn nasty.

Contracts provide you protection by stating in detail what you are purchasing. By letting them know how much work they have to perform and when they will be paid, they will keep your SEO copywriters calm. Contracts don’t have to be written in convoluted legalese. In particular, for minor jobs, they might be easy and uncomplicated.

5. Spend your pennies.

How many articles were required?

“10 or 15.”

“A week?”

“A day.”

“Uh, tell me again, what’s your budget?”


each post?


If you pay peanuts, employing monkeys is preferable to using SEO copywriters. It really takes closer to 3 or 4 hours to write the “brief” 500-word essay you require that “should just take 45 minutes” if you want it to convey anything worthwhile. Additionally, you want keywords, pertinent links, and other things.

Writing SEO text involves more than just putting words together and adding keywords. You must pay real money since it is genuine labour done by real individuals. Want unique, well-written content with carefully chosen keywords and inbound links? You must make a payment for it.