Reduce Costs With Store Brand Medications

When generic medications were introduced, most people were reluctant to try them because they believed the generic brand was not as good or did not work as well as the name brand. That attitude changed especially with insurance companies providing support for generic brands only, unless that is, a physician specifically prescribed a brand name and a medical reason for doing so. That same attitude, about not trusting the product, is applied to store brand names for over the counter (OTC) products and medications. Attitudes are changing because the store brands, sometimes called private labels, because more people consider them just as good as or better at times than national brands. Many are realizing that purchasing store brands is a smart way to save money. It is not unusual for baby boomers to purchase commonly used branded drugs such as Tylenol, Advil or Prilosec to treat a range of minor ailments. However, if you are on a tight budget those are going to cost a lot more than the store brand versions of the same drugs. The store brand products contain the same ingredients and are considered just as reliable and safe as the branded drugs. The only difference seems … Continue reading Reduce Costs With Store Brand Medications