Cargo elevator here we refer to is hydraulic cargo elevator lift. It is hydraulic system elevator, with lead rails, platform and hydraulic motor. One of the most safety device of this type cargo elevator is explosion-proof valve. Lets figure out why it is very importance to equip this valve.


One of the safety measures for elevator equipment is to install explosion-proof valve. The explosion-proof valve is often used in heavy-duty hydraulic cargo elevators. It consists of a valve body, a compression spring, a slide valve and a retaining ring. A compression spring is installed in the cavity of the valve body. The sliding valve in the cavity is connected, the sliding valve is limited by the retaining ring embedded in the valve body, the top of the sliding valve is provided with a through hole, the bottom of the sliding valve is a plug, and the cavity is communicated with the inlet and outlet of the valve body. An anti-crack valve is installed near the oil port (also made oil port) of the oil cylinder. When the hydraulic pipeline ruptures, the plug seals the inlet of the valve body and cuts off the leakage oil flow of the oil cylinder to prevent the oil pipe from leaking. A sudden rupture occurred in an uncontrolled descent.

Generally, as long as qualified hydraulic cargo elevator leave the factory, explosion-proof valves will be set on the machinery. The main function of hydraulic lifts is to transport goods and personnel to the place where they are to be delivered. The explosion-proof valve of the hydraulic elevator is equipped with a lifting valve in the lifting machinery to prevent the elevator table from falling quickly and out of control, while the control table slowly descends. This is the main function of the lift valve. Especially on the hydraulic lift, if there is a problem with the hydraulic pressure, the personnel working on it will be in great danger.

The explosion-proof valve of the oil cylinder has a great effect on the elevator. Although it is a small component, its role cannot be underestimated. At present, every equipment that leaves the factory is equipped with an explosion-proof valve. In this way, the danger to the staff is reduced. Once the oil pipe ruptures, causing the hydraulic lift to descend too fast, the explosion-proof valve will be quickly closed, and the throttle will be in a state. to safety. The application of this new technology has made the product sales of elevators very large.

The elevator accident highlights the importance of safety training, and once again shows that strengthening safety training for employees and improving employees’ safety awareness and emergency response capabilities are an effective way to reduce safety production accidents. All production and business units must strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the Work Safety Law, put the safety training of employees in an important position, and conduct regular safety training for employees. Employees who are not qualified for work safety education and training are not allowed to work.

In a word, if you need a safe cargo elevator with heavy duty capacity, you need to equip this explosion-proof valve.